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Birthday Party & Anniversary


Escape rooms are thrilling tests of intelligence and communication, transporting you and up to five others into an immersive environment where you’ll need to solve a range of exciting and varied puzzles.

The perfect choice for a birthday party in Cornwall or anniversary outing, Escape rooms Cornwall offers three high-quality escape rooms.

Our rooms are available to book now, with sessions running seven days a week.


Fun birthday party in Cornwall

Original, exciting, fascinating and something very special whether for your partner, family or friend. A tricky puzzle fun for friends and family alike.


One common goal for a birthday party

Follow traces and stay calm while trying to escape from the locked room within the given time. Only together can the goal be achieved and everyone is being challenged.


Everyone can decide

Some are better at logical thinking, others at calculation, third at connecting things. To escape from a room you will need all of these skills.


Select your mission

Lurking in the shadows and facing a high level security system, you are about the proceed with the biggest art heist you and your crew have ever attempted. It’s the final night of the exhibition of the world famous Lamorna Brown’s Cornish Collection. Confidence runs high having secured the help of ‘a man on the inside’ so what could possibly go wrong? As the darkness unfolds, last minute hitches occur but you know that failure is not an option….

Accidentally forgotten at the end of the cold war, no one really knows whether Doris Decker is still in the secret communications room in the basement of the Exchange. You have been sent to Penzance by the Home Office to find out.

Thinking that the enemy has finally arrived, a deranged Doris rushes out, switching off the generators that power the ventilation system. You are locked in this escape room with only 60 minutes of oxygen…


It is September 1942. Dr Sebastian Herbert is coming towards the end of his first week in his new Chapel Street Surgery in Penzance. Already there are rumblings about strange goings-on and disappearances in the town. You’ve made an appointment to see him as you’ve been under the weather, surely such an upstanding member of the community must be trustworthy?




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